Antoine Diop

We decided to go for Africa on Wheels for our 2nd trip in Namibia after comparing multiple car rental companies, they were the most affordable (with a decent amount of insurance coverage) and reviews were mostly positive. Last year, we rented a car from a more popular company that also had overall good reviews but eventually our experience wasn’t pleasant due to: 2 tyres blowing up early in the trip, the car was old, instructions at pick up were rushed, etc. In the case of Africa on Wheels, the experience was great: the car was in almost new condition, tyres very solid (no flat tyres after 6 weeks on gravel roads!), the instructions at pick-up were super clear (they even asked us to do a return demo just to be sure we understood), staff is very friendly, responsive, helpful and reassuring. Given that when you travel in Namibia your trip relies so much on the quality of the car you have, we felt very confident with Africa on Wheels. I would highly recommend it to anyone travelling in Namibia!

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